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Incredibly Tasty and Healthy Dishes

Are you fed up with nasty greasy junk food? Would you like to try a healthy alternative that tastes so much better? Here at Aladdin we provide incredibly tasty and healthy dishes that combine the taste of the Middle East with the flavors of the Mediterranean  to bring you the best in Lebanese cuisine.

Our dishes are appealing visually and in flavor they are second to none. There is nothing like a delicious meal that tastes as though it should be hugely unhealthy just because it tastes so good, you might find yourself wondering how something so delicious can be so healthy but it’s true because Lebanese cuisine is in fact incredibly delicious and made with the freshest ingredients which makes every mouthful a taste sensation.

If you wish to try our incredibly tasty and healthy dishes then come to 3900 Vermont Street, San Diego, CA 92103. Stop by today for a culinary delight or call us for reservations (619) 574-1184.