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Salads As Colorful As They Are Fresh!


Are you bored of bland tasteless Salads?  No vibrancy or color on your plate, making you feel as though the meal will taste as dull as it looks? That will never be the case here. At the Aladdin Lebanese restaurant, all of our salads are a symphony of color and flavor with a sprinkling of Mediterranean charm and a dash of Middle Eastern magic, all created with freshest of ingredients.

We have a salad to suit all tastes from the  meat eaters to the vegetarians among you there is something for everyone.  You can choose a light salad as a starter or something more filling for your main, no matter which way you choose to have your fresh Lebanese salad dish you know you will be in for a taste sensation both for the eyes and the palate.

If you wish to try our delicious fresh salads then come pay us a visit. We are conveniently located in the beautiful Hillcrest Shopping Plaza at 3900 Vermont Street, San Diego, CA 92103. Stop by today for a culinary delight or call us for reservations (619) 574-1184.